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My name's Hayley and I'm a cosplayer in the great white north known as Canada, namely Toronto.
I wanted to get my cosplays out there a bit more so I decided to tack on a cosplay tumblr as well!
Feel free to message me if you have any questions or drop by my personal account. c:
To view my upcoming plans viist http://impossiblypossiblecosplay.tumblr.com/plans
Alright so here’s my official AN Lineup!
Nothing is going to change unless I can’t afford it in the end. 
Time to get down to work and get these cosplays made!@
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Hey guys! Just wanted to get a makeup test up for Lady Loki! 
Extremely excited for Anime North!!
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gayw answered your post: Hey guys!

hey! Im going to animenorth aswell (hopefully my parents and crazy and its a long story) ut im going anyways as alois trancy :)

Always a good choice! how goes creating (or buying whichever youre into!) your cosplay? uvu

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Hey guys!

So I haven’t had the funds to work on much cosplay


I did receive my Lady Loki wig today!!

It’s an Arda wig; the Suzi to be exact (so it’s a lace front)

and I’m extremely excited to wear it in full costume once its made!

How goes your prep for Anime North?

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Anime North 2014 Pre-Con Survey

What’s your name?


What do you like to be called?




Where are you staying?

Radisson Suites I believe

What day are you getting there?

Goal is Thursday

How long are you staying?

The whole weekend.

Will you be cosplaying? What days? As whom?

Who will you hang out with at the con?

Mostly @hokagayyy thepotterswife witchofspace102 and cool-cumber

Are you attending any panels?

At this moment I’m not planning on  any really but it depends on if there’s any that interest me

Are you attending/participating in any public performances? (i.e Masquerade)?

Entering the masq with a grup!

Will you be attending anoy raves?


Will you be partying at the con?

With my friends

Do you drink at cons?


Can I talk to you?

Possibly but most likely! Just use your best judgement please!

How can I find you?

I’ll be walking around and doing photoshoots. Basically just watch out for my cosplays!

Can I buy you drinks?

Uh possibly but unless I see you buying it if it’s not a closed can I probably won’t accept (Unless I know you beforehand of course)

Can I give you stuff?

Uh sure? 

Can I snuggle with you?

Not if you don’t already know me and have permissions! 

Are you nice?

I think that I am!

Do you have an artist table?


What/where will you be eating?


Can I come with you for food/fun/etc?

Uh it depends but you’d have to pay for yourself of course

What are you looking to buy?

Buttons and small trinkeys

What’s your goal(s) for the con this year?

  • Have fun
  • Get good photos
  • Make a good con video
  • Win something in the masq
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Here’s my Anime North lineup as of right now!Only two slots are undecided.First is I’m not sure if I’m going to cosplay twice on Friday or just stay with one cosplayand then I’m not sure what my Saturday morning cosplay should be!
how’s everyones cosplays coming along?
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Hey Guys!

I’m hoping to upload more Con-G photos soon, but moving forward my next Con is AN and I’m hoping to have a cosplay plan post up soon!

One thing I know for sure that I’m doing is Lady Loki and I just ordered her wig thanks to birthday money (it may or may not be my birthday).

So expect to see photos once that arrives!

How goes AN prep for you guys?

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